"As a customer I felt I was always in the loop with the service I was being provided and as a student I always knew what I had to prepare for the next day's events. The staff at PTC were always pleasant and very helpful. The people I was directly involved with , namely Candice, Johann, Guido and Cameron, were always helpful and always made sure I was up to speed with the training. The training material was so well put together and presented. I was over the moon as a student that such good info is designed in such a way that's so user friendly and understandable.. The E-learning is a very good tool for any aviator or aviatrix. I've already recommended PTC to others and I hopefully they decide to use your facility as the experience for me was amazing and I feel my money was well spent."

    ~ Nandi Mbele - ATPL Upgrade

    "I learnt was how to interact with the student in a "better" way and getting them more involved with a briefing and so on. The course finds common ground between student and instructor, having a target and striking to it through the briefing. Great facilitator and very professional staff. Thank you."

    South African
    Instructor at 43 Air School

    ~ Walter Dinkelmann - AIMS Course

    "The Aviation Instructor Methodologies Course taught me to ask more questions. It brings you back to the basics of understanding the student better so that you as an instructor can ask questions in a better and correct way."

    South African

    Flight Instructor at Madiba Bay School of Flight

    ~ Tiaan Raath - AIMS Course

    "After the ATPL Upgrade Course, I now feel ready to take on a flying job. Till now courses are learnt just to pass, this course you need the information to take into your job."

    Port Elizabeth
    ATPL Pilot

    ~ Dave Jevon - ATPL Upgrade

    "The CRM Refresher course was lectured very well and not dragged out. The instructor got to the point and involved everyone in the class. The course was mentally simulating and kept everyone focused."

    South Africa
    Training Captain at AIR-TEC

    ~ Chase Vorster - CRM Refresher

    Thank you for a well structured user friendly, professional course

    ~ David Sinclair- Black - Boeing Type Rating Heavy

    The course was EXCELLENT! Thank you for the professional Training

    ~ Bryce Martin - Fly Safair - Boeing Type Rating Heavy

    Fantastic course and training. I will always remember my training here. THANK YOU!

    ~ Keith Cunningham - Fly Safair - Boeing Type Rating Heavy

    "Excellent Course. The instructor handled it very well. I liked the interaction with everyone on the course. The approach of "no right or wrong answers was also great. Everything about the course was informative."

    South Africa
    Hawk Air Survey

    ~ Jonathan McGillivary - CRM Initial Course

    "A great learning experience that left me feeling ready. The knowledgeable instructor and simulator were great!"

    South Africa
    SA Express Pilot

    ~ Lunga Nzimande - Interview Preparation

    "The exposure to the 737's system and handling characteristics where most useful to me and I found the course to be very informative and relevant."

    South Africa
    SA Express Pilot

    ~ Mzamo Thabede - Interview Preparation

    "Everything was useful to me in this course. I feel I have walked away with new knowledge about CRM and working in a multi-crew environment.

    The course was informative and well-presented/prepared."

    South African

    CPL MEIR Pilot busy with his Instructor Rating

    ~ Alex Todd – MCC and CRM Courses

    "PTC Aviation taught me to operate in a multi-crew environment instead of fly an aircraft with two pilots. By revealing the importance and practical use of CRM, along with a challenging LOFT program, I learned how to effectively manage the crew and cockpit in the most demanding weather and emergency situations."

    ATPL Pilot
    Sahel Aviation Service

    ~ Andrew Osborne

    "I have been flying as a contract pilot for the past three years
    throughout Africa. I had looked at many training facilities when
    choosing where to complete my ATPL upgrade but they all seemed to just
    offer a "FLIGHT TEST", where PTC offered a full course.

    Having recently completed my ATPL up grade through PTC aviation, Im
    pleased to say, I went with the right choice. There training surpassed
    anything I have previously experienced.

    The PTC instructors are all highly experienced and they take the time
    to develop your skills and mould you into a professional pilot in a multi
    crew environment. PTC will be developing you and you will be able to
    take what you have learnt and apply it in the cockpit."

    From RSA
    ATPL Pilot at King Air Services

    ~ Quean de Nysschen

    "My experience regarding the Rat-Pac was an enlightening one.
    The CRM and AIMS courses were very interesting. Many new ideas and new tools were presented to us allowing, us to enhance our standard of instruction and flying.

    I found the use of online media and information to be extremely useful and easy to use in preparing me for the eventual sessions in the simulator. The scope of the information and the manner in which it was presented made for very easy reading, whilst demonstrating how it could also be used practically.

    The simulator sessions were well structured, allowing for a gradual progression towards more complex scenarios and challenges. As one concept was understood another was brought in, always keeping the sessions different and challenging.

    Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I feel that I am a better pilot and instructor for it. The quality and standard of the training was top class and has given me a new outlook and way of thinking regarding aviation as a whole."

    Flight Instructor at APTRAC Aviation

    ~ Daniel Moore

    The challenge facing any aviation training organisation employing numerous flight instructors is standardisation; do all the instructors have the appropriate knowledge to accomplish their task and are they delivering flight training in a manner that achieves consistent success with all students; regardless of culture and background? Once 43 Air School concluded that it was training pilots primarily for the commercial market it needed to address another issue; the lack of “operational experience” amongst the instructor corps.

    The expertisation programme embarked on by the School was not undertaken lightly; it was always going to involve a considerable amount of effort by individual instructors. SMEs (subject matter expert groups) were formed to address the appropriate knowledge issues. These worked extremely well and ensured that instructor’s technical knowledge of their craft was refreshed as they researched their respective topics and then presented to their peers.

    Next the lack of experience was addressed by means of LOFT training; this proved to be as popular as it was challenging. Instructors found that the scenario based training ensured a steep learning curve at the same time as improving expertise and self confidence. Some have said that they learned more about flying in these sessions than in their entire prior training. Many instructors have begun to incorporate their LOFT training experience into their own instruction toolbox; especially in the vital areas of task management and decision making.

    This “expertisation” experienced has now enabled 43 Air School to implement a recurrency programme to ensure continual improvement and maintenance of standardisation. The desired outcome of all this effort is the delivery of an enhanced training experience to our clients which affords them the opportunity to become “thinking pilots” and a valuable entrant to the aviation industry!

    South Africa
    Director of Flight Training at 43 Air School

    ~ Des Lynch

    "I started my PTC training the end of last year with Keith Paterson and Wayne Westoby at Aptrac Aviation. The goal of the training was to bridge the gap between the CPL training we offered and the operational procedures experienced in a commercial environment.

    The training received was an eye opener. Coming from a traditional training back ground which hasn't significantly changed for many years it was initially a challenge to adapt to the new procedures. Once I practiced and used the new SOP system I was sold out to it. A vastly better way to operate an aircraft regardless of what aircraft you fly.

    PTC has equipped me with many new tools that I can both apply to my instructional and piloting career. Their professional and applicable training is second to non and I would highly recommend their services to anyone wanting to further their own skill set."

    South Africa
    Chief Flight Instructor at APTRAC Aviation

    ~ Jason Brown

    "As an instructor, without any line experience, I found the PTC training invaluable.

    It took elements of what I already knew and some that I didn't, and moulded my flying into a well run and structured operation. Which resulted in me gaining confidence in my flying ability and understanding.

    What I really enjoyed was the planning for each sector and the various elements that challenged our knowledge gained from the briefings prior to each sim, and then flying the sectors in "real time" whilst completing the SOP and dealing with various factors that were tasked to me.

    Overall, I feel I gained an experience the way I operate and plan a flight, as well as managing with non-normal events in a safe and controlled manner."

    South Africa
    Pilot at Sahel Aviation Services

    ~ Ian Judd

    "I was really impressed by the instructor knowledge and grasp of CRM and MCC principles. They really focused on improving your “command mind-set”. My attitude and respect for command has improved vastly. The course was well balanced and delivered appropriate to my own skill level.

    I highly recommend an ATPL Upgrade with PTC Aviation
    Thank you PTC Aviation"

    From RSA
    ATPL Pilot with SA Express

    ~ Adanaan Khan - ATPL Upgrade

    "Very good environment for training and good standard and quality of training."

    ~ Jean Mark Barra - Airline MCC

PTC Aviation 2015

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