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Airline Interview Readiness

Selection Board Preparation

Are you confident that you will make a CAREER CHANGING IMPRESSION at your airline interview?

Having been given an interview date means that you have passed the candidates filtering round at the Airline you have applied to.

Now comes the daunting process... attending the Airline selection.

“You only get ONE chance” to impress your potential employers

Most Airline selection methods consist of 3 phases:
  1. The Interview Panel
  2. Psychometric Testing
  3. The Simulator Check Ride
Senior Airline pilots with extensive airline selection experience will tutor and develop you for each of these phases during one on one, & group sessions as part of your course. You will be coached on the interview process followed by mock interviews with video recording for self analysis. Aspects that will be covered, include:
  • Interview formats
  • Dress codes
  • Questions to be expected
  • Interview etiquette
  • How to respond to questions asked
  • Using “Body language” to your advantage
  • How to control your stress
Psychometric testing is an important part of Airline selection screening. “Advanced Compass" is a widely used computer based Psychometric and aptitude testing platform, designed for Airline selection. At PTC Aviation you can complete a full "Advanced Compass" test and received results and feedback during our program. This will give you a heads-up on the complexities, questions and methodologies to be expected during your actual Compass test or any similar test tool used.

For your Simulator Check ride, you will be given a profile by the airline that you will be expected to fly during your selection process. This profile will be reviewed and flown at PTC Aviation during your course to prepare you for the simulator check.

Additional FSTD exposure to fly the selection profile you have been given can be arranged if required.

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