Cruise Relief Pilot


10 Days

Flying Hours Included

20 Simulation Hours

End Qualifications

JOC Completion Certificate

Jet Orientation Course (JOC)

For many airlines a Jet Orientation Course is a prerequisite before applying for a position with their company, as it creates a foundation to pass a simulator assessment.

The Airline JOC course is a 20 hour (10 Day) Jet handling program which follows the successful completion of an ICAO licence MCC endorsement. The Airlince JOC course requires a reasonable entry competency in multi-crew co-operation.

Course Content

  • Jet Handling
  • Instrument Approaches
  • Exposure to high speed aerodynamics
  • MCC Consolidation
  • LOFT sessions
  • One Engine Inoperative (OEI) Approaches, landing and Go Around
  • Engine Failures
  • RTO, Start abnormalities and hydraulic failures
  • Computer Based Training (CBT)
  • Auto flight concepts and operations
  • FMC operations
  • EFIS
  • Non-normal handling

Pre Entry Requirements

  • English Language Proficiency Level 4 or higher
  • Valid ICAO CPL ME/IR with ATPL theoretical credits
  • Candidates are required to have an iPad with iOS 7 or higher

Compass Pilot Aptitude Testing

PTC offers candidates in-house testing of Pilot Aptitude using the COMPASS testing system. COMPASS is used by many leading international airlines as their pilot selection aptitude benchmark. 

For additional information about the COMPASS testing offered by PTC download the COMPASS Brochure


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