84 Days

Flying Hours Included

18 Hours Aircraft & 15 Hours FSTD

End Qualifications

GRD III Instructor Rating

Flight Instructor Grade III Rating

Your training will include:

  • Structured development and practice in the requirements of Flight Instruction, briefing and debriefing.
  • AIM development workshop and coaching developing your methodologies of Aviation Instruction. 
  • Courseware available on iPad, OSX or Windows platforms (Jeppesen and PTC material)
  • FSTD facilitation development.
  • Cost effective FSTD exercises developing your flying instruction ability and techniques ensuring that expensive aircraft time is kept to a minimum.
  • Mock Ground Evaluation assessment conducted by a DFE before your skills test.
  • Online use of PTC developed eLearning programs to aid your development and knowledge.
  • Systematic development of aircraft systems, aerodynamic and instructional knowledge.

EBT and your development

The Grade III instructors course is tailored to meet the standard of Evidence Based Training (EBT) which has been endorsed by IATA and ICAO.

Evidence Based Training applies the principles of competency based training for safe, effective and efficient operations whilst developing the combination of Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes (KSA) required to perform a task to a prescribed standard under certain conditions.

EBT prioritises and aligns training content with necessary global competencies ensuring that you are ready to train students with the KSA they require. 

Pre Entry Requirements

Candidates joining our exciting flight instructor program must satisfy the following SACAA requirements:

1. Syllabus
The applicant for a Grade III flight instructor (A) rating shall pass prior to the commencement of
practical class and flight training
the written theoretical knowledge examinations in the subjects
listed below –
(a) Applied Meteorology and Navigation;
(b) Principles of Flight and Legislation.

Contact our friendly PTC sales team who will offer further guidance helping you satisfy the SACAA exam requirements. 

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